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Kline Dano Holmes And Reilly Join Extra Man

Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini (American Splendor) will direct. Kevin Kline, Paul Dano, Katie Holme and John C. The duo last directed The Nanny Diaries. Kline plays a playwright who does not work as an escort for the rich widow on the Upper East Side. Reilly are set to star in The Extra Man, a comedy that will begin production in February in New York, reports Variety. He developed a mentor-student relationship with a troubled aspiring playwright (Dano). The film is based on a novel by Jonathan Ames; Springer Berman and Pulcini wrote the screenplay with author.
23.1.09 08:35

Beyonce Mariah Amp More Step Out At Inaugural Balls To Celebrate President Obama

Beyonce was one of the first celebrities to play Obama for the President and First Lady, Michelle Obama singing At Last the District Ball as the presidential couple took their first lap around the dance floor. I. Blige and. In the morning, while Queen Latifah has made a special appearance. But the stars didn t stop. Performances of the event also came from a lively Mary J. The stars on opening night strengthened, flocking to a number of balls in nations around the Capitol, to celebrate the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Mariah Carey was another star who took the stage at Ball District, holding a microphone as her sparkling serenaded the crowd with Hero.
23.1.09 08:35

Jonathan Papelbon Red Sox Close In On Arbitration

Starting from today, strip that could be in danger.. ince Theo Epstein became Red Sox [team stats] general manager in November 2002, the club intends to avoid a salary arbitration hearing, the administration instead of reaching a settlement any time with all the players.
23.1.09 08:35

Sundance We Hit The Clubs With Aubrey Oday And Paris Hilton

And so made an indelible mark in our lives that not only our colleague, Adam write, but I have also jumped into the fray, blogging about Aubrey and his BFF Paris Hilton a birthday gave me a kiss when suddenly I found myself part of the their nightlife entourage. Here, watch the video to see only part of what a night with Aubrey ODay and Paris Hilton is similar, and then click here to watch all the videos of celebrities here at Sundance. Weve had some wild nights since weve come to Sundance, but nothing to top off the night we spent with the former beauty Danity Kane Aubrey ODay.
23.1.09 08:35

Julia Roberts Quot F Word Rant Caught On Tape

PRETTY Woman Julia Robert turned angry woman with a foul mouth rant against a hapless photographer is accused of stalking her. Roberts, who moved to New Mexico to escape the eyes of the public, is captured in the video paparazzo that a piece of his mind after having been followed throughout the day..
23.1.09 08:35

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